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Fear not for I have returned unharmed, my lovely friends! :love: 

The trouble was indeed my dearest sister, but alas I did not have to commence in the battle with her. She had vanished upon my arrival. Rutha!

Although my stay on Tamaran was not pleasant, it was still most exciting to be reunited with my K’norfka once more.

I bring you the warmest of greetings. :iconmonkeyloveplz: 


Starfirekicksthebutt's Profile Picture
Born a princess, raised a slave.
United States
Salutations glorious earthlings! It is I Starfire, princess of Tamaran and member of the Teen Titans. I have come to earth to make the friends and commence in the kicking of the butt with my glorious teammates; Robin, Raven, Beastboy, and Cyborg. If you have the questions I beg of you to share with me what you wish. It is quite the joy to partake in the answering of them. :iconomgsocuteplz:

Real name: Koriand'r

Species: Tamaranian

Residence: Jump City

My glorious teammates--
:bulletred: Robin TT-Robin

:bulletpurple: Raven MsRavenRachelRothTT

:bulletblue: Cyborg askcyborg

:bulletgreen: Beastboy Beastboy-TeenTitan

(older sister) queen-of-the-galaxy
Wildfire (younger brother)

Galfore (adoptive father)

Myand'r (deceased father)

Luadn'r (deceased mother)

Powers & Abilities:
Bright-green energy projection like starbolts, spheres, and blasts
Accelerated healing factor
Superhuman strength, agility, durability, and endurance
Omnilinguistic assimilation
Experienced hand-to-hand combatant

Cooking Tamaranean foods
Drinking mustard

Going to the mall of shopping
Lifting the weights with friend Cyborg
Meditating with friend Raven
Spending time with my love, Red X :heart:
Tamaranean traditions
Watching World of Fungus on TV
Watching friend Beast Boy eat tofu
Spending time with friends in general
My little bumgorf, Silkie

Main Dislike: KITTEN!

Strongly Dislikes: Joker ((Requested by Joker8D))

Good friends with:

My dearest love: :iconthereal-redx::iconbeatingheartplz:

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Star, we need to talk.
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*you see Xavier again, but zombified...*
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Ello, My only fraggin' tamaranian friend!
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"Hey Star, how's everything?"
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Hello again my friend.
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*Noise is heard from the training room.* Come on, z one. You are supposed to be better than this.   
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"Hey there Star."
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Hey there, Starfire! I hope you're feeling well.
A while back I asked you would you like a hamburger named in your honor. And what would be the toppings or that hamburger. I hope you can answer this question.
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